Happy Thanksgiving

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Movie, cup of tea, free wifi and a comfy couch… $1 Someone else doing a weeks worth of my dirty laundry… $2 One-hour massage with the proceedes benifiting the Red Cross… $5 All-day cooking class at a "five-star" Loation resturaunt (and gettingoro eat everything)… $25 Being really thankful for spending Thanksgiving in Laos while watching the sunset across the Mekong… […]


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So, shockingly, I can be a bit of a micromanager. I generally have multiple “to do” lists of varying categories. I know how I like things done- most efficently-though I will now conceed there are many “right” ways to do something. Anyway, the point is that I sometimes have a hard time just sitting and relaxing. Just ask Grater. Even […]

walking ATM machine

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Ok. So. You know that scene in Little Miss Sunshine? The scene where they are driving in the VW bus and the horn is broken so it’s constantly honking. (If you don’t you really need to watch that movie.) Anyway, imagine that scene and multiply it by 6 million scooters, a couple million taxis and maybe a million little trucks. […]

Welcome to paradise

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Alternate titles for this post: “When Monkeys Attack,” “Old Ladies Laughing… At Me,” or “Today is Not a Good Day to Die.” Really, it’s paradise. And not the ironic-streets-of-Oakland-Green-Day version of paradise. The type of paradise where you can’t quite figure out if it’s real life or if you’ve just been staring at your most recent issue of National Geographic […]

travel nurse: 0 me: 4

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so far my experiences with the travel nurse have been pretty bad, so i decided to try a different location. i figured it would be better in new place. santa clara seems nice. no such luck. same results. same incompetent, cluelessness. same confusion about how long i was going to be gone, what countries i was going to, what vaccines […]

when traveling becomes traveling

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the delayed flights. two hours. three hours. six hours. the gate changes. the freezing airports. the unsmiling security and surly ticket takers. the taxi driver that´s out to win. the taxi driver that follows the rules when no one else does. no seat belts. trains with glass ceilings to see snow-capped mountains. trains with small windows and no air. children […]

bioneers epilogue

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I have this urge to walk home from Bioneers. I fear that the faster I drive away, the faster the cocoon of change that has been shrouding me and protecting me all weekend will slip away. I can already feel it. I can feel the revolution dripping off of me as I speed down the freeway. The seeds of change […]

the travel nurse

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For those of you that have never had the pleasure of working with the travel nurse at kaiser, I pity you. Because once you have survived the perils of that appointment, whatever third world country you were heading to will seem like a breeze. The travel nurse is meant to give you advice about your chosen destination, shoot you up […]

fez is a very big city

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and so the wise words of richard gilmore hold true. fez is a big city. a confusing city. an amazingly arabic city. the huge vats of dye contrast absurdly with the tv dishes that populate the horizon everywhere you look. the constant attention from the men can become overwhelming in a matter of moments. yet the serene calm in the […]