Kit & Kaboodle

strategizing & writing & calendarizing

You are ALL IN. You know that this business idea is genius and it’s going to soar once you launch it, you just need a little help getting it off the ground. But you cannot wait to share it with your community!

Or maybe you launched your genius idea and it didn’t quite hit right. You know it’s valuable but you need to tweak something so that it resonates better with your ideal client.

Either way, you could use a little strategic support.

If you're ALL IN, I've got your back. You'll get everything you need to launch and keep up your momentum... strategy session + website rewrites + newsletter planning + scheduled check-ins. 

Together we’ll:

  • Start with a strategy session where we chat about your larger vision. We'll also review any research you’ve done on your ideal client and the market space as well as chat about the services you want to offer.
  • Look at your existing home, about and services pages and figure out what’s not resonating with your potential clients. 

Then I’ll:

  • Put together a prioritized plan to help you make your next steps confidently.
  • Tweak or completely rewrite your home, about and services pages, as needed. 

Once you’re thrilled with your plan and your website, we’ll:

  • Plan and outline a six-month newsletter calendar with what you’ll write about and when.
  • Brainstorm potential blog topics/information products (as relevant).


Throughout this process we'll have plenty of check-ins, to make sure that the changes we're making are working and that you're feeling supported along the way. During each check-in, we'll chat about what's been awesome and what's been holding you back. We'll work through any challenges together and set goals for you to achieve before our next check-in. We can schedule our meetings for as often as weekly or as infrequent as monthly —whatever works for your schedule and your life right now. 

Whatever you need, we can customize a plan that will help you succeed.


What's included: initial strategy session ($300 value) + website rewrites ($1,000 value) + newsletter planning ($500 value) + scheduled check-ins ($600 value) = $2,400 value 

Investment: starting at $1,800


TL:DR - This is for you if…

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed about getting your offerings out in the world and want help in all the areas: strategy, writing, outreach, accountability.
  • You want a clear roadmap, an updated website and a plan for newsletters or blogs, plus an ally on your side to encourage and guide you across the finish line.