Writing & Editing
Chris Guillebeau – Profiles Editor & Podcast Writer
I curate and edit the profiles of travelers, entrepreneurs, and people on amazing quests. I also ghostwrite podcast scripts for Side Hustle School.
FishWise – White Paper
In collaboration with staff, I researched, wrote and edited the updated white paper on seafood traceability.
Certified Organic - Featured Article
Researched and wrote article for the summer edition of the magazine, covering policy updates on certified organic livestock.
CCOF – Blog Posts
From one-off event promotion to content strategy series, I worked with marketing to produce various blog posts.
Vow Muse – Writer & Blogger
Ghostwriter of vows and speeches for clients, and occasional guest blogger.
Restaurant Reviews
I’ll eat (and review) anything – vegetarian cafes, brunch hotspots, farm-to-table fresh, and more!
Photography & Design
CCOF Foundation – Photography
My photo was used for the cover of the report as well as on pages 5 and 6.
Everyday Bites – Site Design
I designed the site, took the photos and update the recipe blog.
MIIS Calendar – Photography
My photo from Morocco won 1st prize in the “place” category and was featured in the printed wall calendar.
Passion Purveyors – Design & Photos
This website got a facelift, with a new design, new photos plus a full tutorial so the owner can manage updates.
FODMAP Recipe Flyer – Design
While I mostly handled design on this project, I also contributed to copywriting and recipe development.
First Bites – Site Design
Created and maintained for a client that wanted to share food recipes and advice for baby’s first year.