Blogs & Guest Posts

PTSD Blog Post

Written for a client, this post is a great example of my ability to quickly learn about a new topic and present information in a clear, understandable format.


CCOF - Blog Posts

From one-off event promotion to content strategy series, I worked with marketing to produce various blog posts.


Vow Muse - Ghostwriter & Blogger

Ghostwriter of wedding vows and speeches for clients, and occasional guest blogger.


Holl & Lane Blog Post

I was invited to write about my experience as my husband's caretaker during his recovery from a traumatic brain injury. You can read the post on their website and a longer version here.


Jelly Living

A website dedicated to alternative living (houseboats, camper vans, and traveling), I was asked to contribute a series about our tiny house on wheels build process. You can check out the first post on Jelly Living and learn more on our own website, Two Tiny Homes.


Mostly Mindful Spotlight

I met Angela, the creator of Mostly Mindful and TEDx Speaker, when I ghostwrote her profile for a client of mine. She then invited me to share my thoughts on minimalism through her spotlight series.


Restaurant Reviews

I’ll eat (and review) anything – vegetarian cafes, brunch hotspots, farm-to-table fresh, and more!


Runners Delight

I was invited to guest post for a popular local running blog, on why I started running and why I continue to run.


Photography & Creative