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NYT Best Seller, Chris Guillebeau - Profiles Editor & Podcast Writer

I curate and edit the profiles of travelers, entrepreneurs, and people on amazing quests. I also write podcast scripts for the popular Side Hustle School, that has over 2 million downloads per month.

Agriculture 101

This piece was written for a client that wanted both a history of agriculture in the States and an exploration of the current problems and potential solutions within the industry.

FishWise - Traceability White Paper

In collaboration with staff, I researched, wrote and edited the updated white paper on seafood traceability. During my fellowship, I also wrote numerous blog posts and post-graduate school contributed to another white paper on human rights abuses in the seafood industry.

CCOF Livestock Article

For the summer edition of the print magazine Certified Organic, I researched and wrote the cover article regarding the recent policy updates on certified organic livestock.

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