What can I help you with?

My favorite topics to write about are travel, health and the environment.


As an experienced traveler, I know that you want to share new insights with your readers, not just how to get to the hottest new party beach. I’m an off the beaten path traveler that doesn’t mind hitchhiking to get to a more remote beach. Yet I also love a day in the city, sipping coffee in a café while reading a local paper. I’d love to help you share your travels experiences with your readers!


Researching health and wellness is kind of an obsession for me. I do yoga, I love cooking, I’m paleo-ish, I’m a runner, and I mostly, usually, sometimes meditate daily. The latest supplement that’s good for migraines – yeah I’ve already read the journal articles and figured out the best place to get it. While this can be heavy stuff depending on the topic, I don’t take myself too seriously and bring a light approach to dense content.


Armed with a couple degrees in environmental stuff, I can help you translate your academic-speak into language the rest of the world can understand. I have experience in agriculture, conservation, climate change, sustainable development, natural resource policy, fisheries and private-public partnerships.


Content Strategy Sessionstarting at $250 – we’ll review your content together, figure out what your tribe is interested in and I’ll suggest strategies on where you should go from here.

Website Re-writestarting at $750 – if you need a website refresh, I got your back! I’ll update your home, about and two other pages.

Contentstarting at $150 – from email campaigns to press releases to ghost-written blog series I offer package deals on fresh content. I particularly love crafting feature length guest posts that drive traffic to your website from elsewhere. 

Editing$50/hour – if you already have content and need a quick once over or even a major rewrite, I offer a la carte editing services, or you can add it on to another service.

Ebooks & Whitepapersstarting at $900 – I’ll help you take that idea from outline to finished product.

Photography - please inquire for options and rates. 


Package deals and repeat clients get discounts.

Let me know what you need and I can get you a more specific quote!

Drop me a line and let me know how I can make your wordplay dreams come true!

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