Strategic Start

strategize & prioritize

There was that moment when you were really excited and really clear about what you wanted to offer the world. It was valuable and unique and it felt like the perfect fit based on your experiences. Then you started thinking about social media, which website platform to use, how to market all this… and you started to feel overwhelmed by all. the. things.

I can help you map out your goals and prioritize your next steps in a way that feels sustainable and exciting again!

  • First we’ll chat about your larger vision and then we’ll dive into specifics
  • You’ll send me any research you’ve done on your ideal client, the services you want to offer and anything else you’ve done
  • I’ll get back to you with a prioritized plan to help you make your next steps confidently

Investment: $300

TL:DR - This is for you if…

  • You have (or had) a beautiful vision of what you want to offer to the world, but you got a bit overwhelmed and bogged down in the details
  • Want someone to help you clarify the big picture and prioritize next steps