Trifecta: Home + About + Services

evaluation & writing

The three most important pages on your website. These are where your potential clients go to learn more about you and determine if you could be a good fit for them. In the most authentic way possible, these pages need to SELL!

A lot goes into making these pages juicy. We’ll start with a consultation call where I get to learn more about you and what makes you so amazingly unique. After the call I’ll ask you for a lot of information -- your general philosophy and specific offerings, information on your target clients, any market research you’ve done and client testimonials. If you’re not clear as to your ideal clients or your offerings, we can work on that!

While you can buy each page individually, they work so much better as a team.

Home - $300 - It’s your first chance to make a good impression. This page has to communicate to your ideal client that you understand their problem and have the answers they’ve been searching for. And your words have to speak to them in a way that really resonates.
About - $400 - This page can be your secret weapon if you know how to write it. While it might not seem like you’re selling anything on this page, by creating a sense of personal connection you’re authentically selling yourself. Your story and unique experience are part of what people are buying.
Services - $400 - By the time they’ve decided to check out your offerings, they know what you’re about and that they might like to work with YOU. This is the page where they’ll figure out if it’s the right fit, based on your proposed solutions.

The Trifecta PackageInvestment: $1000

TL:DR - This is for you if…

  • You’re creating or revamping your website
  • You want to make sure your messaging is cohesive across your entire website
  • You want to make sure you’re attracting the right clients